Press Wine & Culinary trip to Jura & 3 Lakes, Swiss

Solothurn & its special affinity for the number eleven.

The Canton of Solothurn was the eleventh to become part of the Swiss Confederation. There are eleven churches and chapels, as well as eleven historical fountains and eleven towers. The St. Ursus cathedral has eleven altars and eleven bells, and the stairs in front of the cathedral have levels between every eleven steps.

A local brewery has named itself Öufi, which is Swiss German for eleven, and produces a beer with the same name.

Tip: go to Suteria pastry shop (next to St. Ursus cathedral) and try Original Solothurner Torte. It is made with light biscuit and hazelnut meringue, with a divine crème filling in between. I like it!

From Solothurn to Biel by train. From Biel to St. Peters island by boat. Island in the middle of Lake Biel is peaceful place and car-free. From the boat port go and walk ten minutes to the unique historic Kloster hotel. Tip: A former monastery is dating from the 12thcentury. You can enjoy a glass of wine from the neighbour Ligerz village.

From St. Peters island to Ligerz by boat. Village is the symbol of winegrowing. You will love the view of vineyards on the hill and in the middle is standing a church. Village is having buildings with lots of details such a different doors and signs and vines next to the house. You are feeling that you are walking thru wooden old heritage town.

Tip: Go to the winery Keller am See ( Christian is winemaker who produce nature friendly. His biodynamic wines are very cool. Try Chasselas and Sauvignon blanc and you will get overview what Swiss wines can achieve characteristic wines from local to global.

We have seen this tiny little place of Swiss which is so much similar to Slovenia. Green. Clean tap water. Good wine. Excellent cheese. Salad. Not much meat. People? Well ... day by day Life. Thank you life for this experience! #switzerlandtourism #CMB2019

Press Wine & Culinary trip to Jura & 3 Lakes, Swiss

by stasa bizjak (text & photo)

this was not THE END. but we went further with the buss.


Important note: While you are in Môtiers go to the Mauler sparkling winery. It is based in the 6th century Monastery. Mauler family creates since 1829. Try Mauler Brut Blue Label 2011 - you will untherstand immidiately the Swiss Wine Heritage.

From Biel to Môtiers by train – home of Absinthe. Swiss absinthes are still incredibly popular because it was in Switzerland that absinthe was born. It helps that many of them are really delicious as well. Go to theAbsinthe Museum in centre of Môtiers. The museum offers an insight into the eventful history of the “green fairy” and its secrets. Short history: Absinthe, the high-proof spirit with an aniseed flavour, has been produced in the Canton of Neuchâtel since the 18th century. In 1910, however, the “fée verte” was outlawed for the sake of public health. Only since 2005 has it been legal to produce and sell the spirit.

Tip: Go to museum bar where you will be able to taste plenty absinthe from the region. They will serve you it the same like in the past. In a glass with a special spoon, sugar and water. Smell and taste is special. Try to remember the smell!

From Twann (willage next to Ligerz) to Biel by train. Biel is famous also as as watch metropolis for Rolex, Tissot, Omega and also Swatch. Old town of Biel is pedestrian friendly.

Tip: Go and walk to the old, gothic part of the town. There you will find small and cute places to sit down and drink a draft local beer and eat fusion food (Restaurant St. Gervais Also you will be able to do a lot of window watch shopping J