11th Wine Festival - SALON JERUZALEM 2013

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Next, the 12th Salon Jeruzalem will be on 7. June 2014

The Best of 2012 Vintage from Jeruzalem Hills

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Dvorec Jeruzalem, Jeruzalem, Slovenia

When: 8 June 2013

What: 15 wineries from “Prlekija”, Jeruzalem – Ormož Hills, Štajerska Slovenija wine region

Traditional wine event Salon Jeruzalem where winemakers from Jeruzalem (Ljutomer – Ormož) Hills show the best from their cellars. Yearly event attracts many domestic and foreign guests. This area is not only famous for wines but also for the beautiful landscape, for which some share the opinion that it belongs among the most beautiful in the world! I agree, the view is absolutely fantastic. Terraced vineyards reminiscent of the rice terraces in Bali.

15 winemakers represent wines mostly from current vintage – 2012 and also older. Part of them follow modern wine making technology, some of them are still following traditional winemaking. So, the wine styles are different. On the event there were 2 workshops. First was dedicated to Rieslings. The king of wine gives very good results in this area. From fresh, fruity to mineral, with lively acidity, to ripe, also petrol notes, up to late harvest dessert wines with botrytis flavour. In the second workshop Darrel Joseph talked in general about wines represented in Salon Jeruzalem. He simply showed one bottle from each winery and gave his opinion about each one. He highlighted: Kolaric, Verus, Hlebec, Conrad Fürst & Söhne and Miro Munda wineries.


Winemakers at Salon Jeruzalem 2013:

Conrad Fürst & Söhne, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Turistična kmetija Hlebec, Vinogradništvo Miro Munda, Verus vinogradi, Vinarstvo Čurin Stanko, Vinarstvo Püklavec, Vino Kolarič, Vino Kupljen, Vinogradništvo in vinarstvo Kajžar Saško Štampar, Vinogradništvo družina Kos, Vinska klet Lesjak ter Vinogradništvo Krampač, Ljutomerčan and Lovrec (Croatia).