Guilty Pleasure Blog Portugieser du Monde 2018


Vintage Portugiesers:

    • Winery Huppert Portugieser Classic 2015 (Rhenish Hesse, Germany)


    • Vylyan Winery RedY 2017 (Villány, Hungary)


    • Ivancic Griffin Rose Sparkling (Plešivica, Croatia)

Portugieser / Portugalka / Blaufrankisch / Frankovka originates in Slovenia

Scientific journal VITIS Journal of Grapevine Research published the results of German scientists from the Julius Kühn Institute, Federal Research Centre for Cultivating Plants, Geilweilerhof in Siebeldingen who have finally fingerprinted the DNA profile of Portugieser and Frankovka. Traces indicate that the cradle of Portugieser and Frankovka is somewhere in Lower Styria, now Slovenia. This finding definitely rejects the theory that Portugieser originated from Portugal, and Frankovka originated from Dalmatia, France or Lower Austria. (Source:

Portugieser Du Monde 2018 Champion in the category

Portugieser Du Monde 2018 Champion in the category Young Portugiesers

    • Pz Plešivica Portuguiser 2017 (Plesivica, Croatia)

“We steadfastly believe: Portugieser is an essential and important grape variety in Central Europe, it is however unfortunately rarely celebrated in the world of wines. We began six years ago by organising a tasting event with Portugiesers from Villány, extended the competition to be international five years ago and we are organising the Portugieser du Monde wine competition this year as well,” Zoltán Győrffy head of competition he addressed us, wine judges and winemakers. At the competition were 100 wines from producers from Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Slovakia.

The awards of 2018 are:

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

VI. Portugieser du Monde 2018, 6-7 April, Pecs, Hungary