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Nature Friendly Wine Should be Healthy in the Bottle

Organizers wrote »Orange has become the fourth wine colour. Orange wines are white wines produced using red wine production procedures which means they develop due to prolonged maceration time in contact with grape skins. The production of those wines is nature friendly as a rule, with some of the winemakers even organic.” On the festival there were a lot of fans of orange wines. Unfortunately I have to say this – many wine lovers don’t recognise the mistakes and diseases in wine. I respect winemakers who are change for better world, who decide to make nature friendly wine, but wine in the bottle have to be without mistakes and diseases. However on the show there were 55 wineries mostly from Slovenia then from Croatia, Italy, Austria and one from Georgia. Some of them are great examples for the future and big respect to those who make from start till the end – healthy grapes and wine.


    • Sv. Mihael 2006, dry, 14%, JNK (kmetija Mervič), Vipavska dolina wine district, Primorska wine region, Slovenia

    • Alter 2008, dry, 13%, Šumenjak, Štajerska Slovenia Wine District, Wine Region Podravje, Slovenia

    • Malvazija 2012, dry, 13%, Roxanich, Istria, Croatia,

    • Sv. Jakov Malvazija 2011, dry, 15%, Clai, Istria, Croatia

    • Kai 2009 (Friulano), dry, 12.5%, Parascos, Collio, Italy,

We tasted wines from:

Aci Urbajs, Atimo, Baič, Blažič, Brandulin, Bressan, Cigoj, Clai, Čotar, Damijan Podveršič, Dario Prinčič, Elizbar Talakvadze, Emil Tavčar, Fon, Franco Terpin, Gordia, Grace, Guerila, I am wine, JNK, Kabaj, Kabola, Keltis, Klabjan, Korenika & Moškon, Klinec, La Castellada, Marko Tavčar, Marcus Gruze, Mlečnik, Montanar, Movia, Muster, Nando, Pipo, Parascos, ploder Rosenberg, Radikon, Raspopovič, Renčel, Rodica, Rojac, Roxanich, Slavček, Steras, Strohmeier, Štekar 1672, Štemberger, Šumenjak, Tauss, Tscheppe Andreas, Vodopivec, Vučurević Dragan, Werlitsch, Zidarich


II. Orange Wine Festival 2013, 26 April – Manzioli square, Izola, Slovenia

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)