Guilty Pleasure Blog RAW The Artisan Wine Fair London 2017

I think that visiting RAW wine festival /The artisan drinks fair is as an important as it is a ProWein. Do not get me wrong. Both fairs are completely different. But both of them show The Wine World. At ProWein wine fair are mostly presented conventional production wines but also a quite a few organic and biodynamic wines. RAW wine festival on the other hand shows in one place growers whose fundamental farming and cellar philosophies make these living wines possible. The last sentence is Isabelle Legions’ MW and founder of RAW WINE. So if you like wines and you are ready for artisans in one place the RAW is perfect place to be in.

As a wine taster is also a must to get to know about all wines that are produced in the globe. Important is that you learn that winemakers who produce wines with low-intervention and who are organic and biodynamic have because of for example no added selected yeasts, no blocked malolactic fermentation, no winemaking additives (yeasts, enzymes, vitamins, ...) different tasting notes just because of different production. So the wine taster has to know what a mistake in wine is or what just a “natural” taste is. We wine writers are calling that kind of production “on the edge”. If you made wine without any additives whatsoever you never know what “nature” will give you?

My favourite

    • Free Form White 2015, dry, Okanagan Crush Pad, Canada

  • Chardonnay Sur Montboucon 2015, dry, Vins du Jura Thill, Cotes du Jura, France

  • Theodora 2015 (white), dry, Gut Oggau, Burgenland, Austria

March 12th, 13th 2017, The Store, London, UK

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)