Vipava 1894 New Label, New Style 2014

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Restaurant Stolp Strelcev, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: june, 2014

What: Presentation of new tastes, new image new enjoyment in the wine Vipava 1894 winery

One of the biggest Slovenian cellars Vipava 1894 inaugurated its rebranded holistic image encouraged by a new taste in the house created and developed by main oenologist Uroš Bolčina. At the beginning of May Vipava 1894 “dressed” its universe of the letter V, as the first letter from the city and the valley, from which the original taste captured in the bottle derives from. It is not a coincidence that the captured taste derives from the region ranked as the region being at the top five percent of the fruitiest wine regions in the world. At the beginning of its 120th celebration of operation of Vipava 1894 wine cellar new image and the new taste is the most important gift to individual wine taster and all who love the wines from this valley and region. The process has already begun last year with it was able through the help of developed and modern technology preserve all the characteristics, varietal and the aromas of the grapes encompassed in the taste captured in the bottles. Vipava 1894 with its rebranding created new foundations for the change also noticed on the outside and managed to create a highway to penetrate to the markets abroad.


I recommend you to taste their new:

Sparkling (charmat)

And local varieties as:

    • Zelen

    • Pinela

    • Barbera