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awc vienna International Wine Challenge 2011

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

The World’s Largest Wine Valuation

awc vienna is the world’s largest wine valuation – more than 9.600 wines from 36 countries - and the only international wine valuation in Austria which is officially approved by the European Union for the purpose of granting awards for wines.

My TOP 3

    • Riesling Mosel, Niederfell Spatlese feinherb 2007, dry, Thomas Höreth Weingut und Küche (Germany)

    • Roter Veltliner Scheiben 2010, dry, 13%, Weingut Leth (Austria)

    • Grosses Cuvée Kalteneck (Gelber & Roter) Gewürztraminer 2010, dry, 13% (Austria)

However I am proud to tell, that winery from Slovenia – Ptujska klet – Pullus was nominated as TOP 100 Winery of the competition. They were invited to "awc vienna 2011 - Gala Night of Wine" in the City Hall of Vienna, to present their wines to guests.

Ptujska klet – Pullus – winery

Gold medal:

    • Pullus Sladki G 2009,

    • Pullus Renski Riezling suhi jagodni izbor (TBA) 2008,

    • Pullus Sauvignon 2010

Silver medal:

    • Pullus penina (sparkling) Rosé 2009,

    • Pullus Cuvée 2009,

    • Pullus traminec G 2008.

In category: Beerenauslese, Ausbruch, Schilfwein (min. 25 KMW, 127 OE, 16,3 Beaumé) Ptujska klet – Pullus take 2nd place with Pullus Sladki G 2009, / Award international Wine trophy! Congrats!!!