Sauvignon Blanc Conference Zagreb 2014

1 variety, 3 regions, 3 countries, 1 terroir

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Hotel Antunović, Zagreb, Croatia

When: June 3, 2014

What: Sauvignon Blanc Conference

“What have Sudsteiermark Austria, Štajerska Slovenia and Croatian Uplands in common?” asked Saša Špiranec himself, when start to organize program for Sauvignon Blanc Conference.” By tasting wine and watching nature of three wine region from three countries with three different languages, he realized that despite the borders drawn by people and their languages, nature still speaks only a single one and one understandable to all, its own language. The 3 selected regions have 2 typical wine styles. First one is characterized by young, fresh and lively wines offering an abundance of primarily herbal and fruity aromas. The second type is characterized by equally refreshing wines, but with a lot more intensity, minerality and complexity, as well as good aging potential. When Saša was explaining us some facts, he spotted Sauvignon Blanc as variety that connects these 3 regions/countries more than anything else and makes it unique at a global level as well. At the master classes we tasted Sauvignon Blanc from Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. We tasted all together 20 wines plus 8 sauvignons from the other parts of the world. Speaker Paul White explained us different styles from around the world including wines from New Zealand, USA, Chile, Italy, Argentina, Australia and France. We were told that the second and the third conference will be held in Ljubljana and Vienna, the capital cities of the Slovenia and Austria. Can’t wait to join the next Sauvignon Blanc Conference.


    • Sauvignon Blanc 2013, dry, 12.5%, Bolfan, Croatian Uplands

    • Gomila Sauvignon Blanc 2013, dry, 12%, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Štajerska Slovenija

    • Kranachberg Sauvignon Blanc 2008, dry, 13.5%, Sattlerhof, Sudseiermark Austria


Austria: Sattlerhof, Sabathi, Gross, Tement

Slovenija: P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Verus, Ptujska klet – Pullus, Dveri – Pax

Croatia: Belović, Bolfan, Prigora, Puhelek – Purek, Mladina, Korak, Vuglec Breg

Wine merchants: Miva, Dobra vina, Vivatfinavina - Vivat fina vina

Speakers: Marie Von Ahm, Paul White, Mitja Herga, Robert Gorjak, Rene Bakalović, Ivo Kozarčanin, Saša Špiranec