Pullus: Zweigelt 2009 & Movia: Veliko 2006 (Cuvee)

Jan 11, 2011

by stasa cafuta (text & photos)

It makes me to consume it more and more

Both wines come from Slovenia.


Zweigelt 2009 (5 EUR), Pullus, Štajerska Slovenia Wine District, Wine Region Podravje.

I taste wine a few days before when it was bottled. It seduced me.

The berry-full red, tangy and dry, it reminds me of bordeaux “second” wine. It makes me to consume it more and more.


Veliko 2006 Cuvee (25 EUR), Movia, Goriška Beda Wine District, Primorska Wine Region.

When I taste Sauvignon 2007 from Dveri Pax (Štajerska region); I fall in love. But last week I tried Movia Veliko 2006 and find out that they have something in common: mmmm, black currants.