Guilty Pleasure Blog VINOcom Zagreb 2016


  • Moja B 2013, 12%, Duboković, Hvar, Croatia

  • Graševina 2015, 13%, Brzica, Danube Winehills, Croatia

  • PS 2015, 13.7%, Bibich, Dalmacija, Croatia

During November 25 – 26, Hotel Esplanade has hosted already 11th international festival of wine and cuisine Zagreb VINOcom. To become leading wine event in Croatia where winemakers can present their work to interested public was a wish of creator and director of festival professor Ivan Dropuljić from its very beginning. According to him, the key to success is a partner relationship with all stakeholders but also the festival's venue. Wine and cuisine should be served in the environment of this legendary hotel. »Festival should never outgrow itself in order not to move to some not so eminent location. It would become the fair in stead,« thinks Dropuljić. This year about 300 exhibitors mainly from Croatia, also from other EU countries. Slovenians – Ščurek, Sanabor, Verus, Bjana, Vino Graben and P&F Jeruzlem Ormož. Sonja Erčulj from Jeruzalem Ormož says here is always the right public. »This event is a meeting point of Winemakers and interested public. Our wines can be found in major Croatian stores, brand Gomila also in some restaurants, so it is extremely important for us to be here«.Along with the wines, recent edition offered very interesting and educational workshops with the tastings too. Many of them on the topic of French wines. Also Croatian wines, like the one entitled Some new South, where sparkling, macerated and biodinamic wines were presented. Saša Špiranec delivered the workshop Evolution of Škrlet, Croatian indigenus variety grown in Moslavina, which is now receiving more attention due to vivid acidity and refinement in the cellars. Two workshops delivered by Slovenian dr. Marin Berovič: Contemporary SLOrganic wines (Boris Mervič and his JNK wines) and Modern Moldovan Wines. Workshops where winelovers can spend some time with good wines are always visited well. Just like the festival, which was crowded but still menagable.

Zagreb VINOcom - International Festival of Wine and Culinary Art 2016, November 25th-26th, Hotel Esplanade, Zagreb, Croatia

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo) / spela tezak (translation)