6th Salon Traminec 2015

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Castle Negova, Negova, Slovenia

When: 24. August, 2015

What: Salon Traminec (Festival of Traminer)

To me »Salon Traminec« is one of the best wine-culinary themed events dedicated to Traminer Wine. Why? Because Traminer is this variety which gives the most to the Winemaker. Sweet, dry, sparkling all in one place, at beautiful Negova castle, built to create this magic atmosphere. It is hard to believe it has been already 6 years since the first event and Danilo Steyer, Winemaker and a fother of the event, has proven that Traminer is trully popular among the Wine Lovers and makes sure a visitor can taste over 100 samples from all around the Europe. All together 7 countries, beside Slovenia and Austria also Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic, France and Germany. Big plus of the event are as well the culinary delights from traditional »Gostilna« restaurants and other great restaurants from the region. Our minus, if we may say so, goes to the slightly reacher offer of the sweet Traminer samples. We wish dry ones not to be in a minority group.


    • Traminer 2012, dry, 13%, Krainz vinogradništvo, Štajerska Slovenija Wine District, Podravje Wine Region, Slovenia.

    • Gewurztraminer Kabinett 2014, 12.5%, Hofgut Schadler, Pfalz, Germanz

    • Traminer 2013, 13.5%, off dry, Weinbau Klöckl, Klöch, Südoststeiermark, Austria

More: www.salon-traminec.si