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Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2022, Art & Wine Festival

Text & Foto: Staša Bizjak

What: 8th Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2022, Art & Wine Festival

Where: Dominican Mondastery, Ptuj, Slovenia, EU

When: Saturday, May 7th, 2022

Who: Sauvignons and Cabernet Sauvignons, Master Class, Top cuisine, Exhibitions: Stories of Chairs and Wine & Art, Concert: Ditka

More than sixty winemakers and other top exhibitors from Slovenia presented themselves in the Gothic cloisters. More than six hundred visitors enjoyed wines in a milieu of restored art and historical monuments, socialising in the southern courtyard, where a final concert of outstanding music by the artist Ditka was held.

Salon Sauvignon carried out the festival's professional evaluation before the main festival event on Wednesday, May 4th, for the fifth time. The evaluation team was led by Andrej Rebernišek, director of KGZ Slovenije - Zavod Ptuj.

The expert groups, which evaluated almost a hundred samples, were joined by Dr Klemen Lisjak, a top and internationally recognised expert for this variety. Dr Lisjak also held this year's Master Class at 8th Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2022, where we confronted the best sauvignons and cabernet sauvignons of this year's evaluation with selected sauvignons from around the world. He was joined by Dr Erich Leitner, a renowned international wine expert from neighbouring Austria.

The title of champion went to a 2021 Sauvignon, Vina Bračko; it was also the champion in the category of dry wines. The champion of matured wines is a Premium Sauvignon from the barrel Vina Leber 2019. The winner in the Cabernet Sauvignon category is Cabernet Sauvignon Bagueri 2017.

Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2023 will be held on Saturday, April 22nd, 2023. The holder of the Master Class in the ninth edition of the festival will be Darrel Joseph, a contributor to Decanter Magazine, wine publicist & DWWA wine evaluator.


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