Guilty Pleasure Blog Belgrade Wine & Dine 2014


    • Babaroga (Chardonnay), dry, 13.8%, Bjelica Winery, Fruška gora, Serbia.

    • Frank 2012, dry, 14.8%, SS-MAR Winery, Kragujevac, Serbia.

    • Jagoda, off dry, 14.5%, Botunjac Winery, Aleksandrovac, Serbia.

Belgrade Wine & Dine 29-30 November 2014 - Belgrade, Serbia

by stasa cafuta trcek (text and photo)

Where Wine is the bridge between Urban Youth and the Vintner

Why: the idea is simple – how to bring wine culture to younger generations, urban public, those forgotten by most of other festivals.

The atmosphere: Cultural! Hungry of knowledge! Not only urban mouth were full of delicious wine and aware of sensory perceptions, wine was also the bridge between Urban Youth and the Vintner.

Moreover: All satisfied and with fine touch for the wine scene. Slovenian Winemakers: Ščurek (right side – who does not recognize him ), Joannes Protner and Radgonske gorice who offered (beside the one and only Serbian) the sparkling wine! Do we see a brand new bubbly niche market? (Sparkling wines basically does not exist in Serbia)