Guilty Pleasure Blog Vinitaly 2015

Verona Vinitaly 2015, (from March 22th - 25th)

by masa vodusek (text and photo)

It Is All About That Wine in Verona

If the whole world is a stage .... than the wine is the main protagonist!

Once you visit Vinitaly so many times in a row, you are able to discover that you do not step in the same river twice. Vinitaly is a completely different experience each year, not only in the taste and the design, but then especially because you discover it through completely different glasses every time you step through that same Verona door. Regions are giving an entire scope what one is able to expect from Italian wine tastes. Awarded wineries give on one place a taste of what connoisseurs have sealed as worth the prize. In this manner VinItaly mainly is a window not only of new wine trends in Italy in general, but more a statement of what Italy as a wine making country signifies in the worldwide scope of its competition as such. Admittedly Italy will always be carrying a primate of a country that in the eyes of wine lovers, symbolizes wine dressed with a notion of incomparable tastes and unique designs. As such it will as well represent itself anywhere in the world, shortly as well at the Milano Expo.

Vinitaly 2015 in numbers: 140 countries, 150,000 visitors, increase of 34 % in investments dedicated to incoming promotions and cooperation makes VinItaly one of the most important business wine events in this segment.

Surprised by the tastes of wine varieties my personal amazement:


    • Enrico Serafino, Alta Langa Brut Zero Sboccatura Tardiva, Cantina Maestra 2008

    • Pietradolce, Etna Rosso V. Barbagalli 2011

    • Planeta, Dorilli, Cerasuolo di Vittoria Classico, DOCG 2012

    • Biondi – Santi, Brunello di Montalcino, Tenuta “Greppo” 2009

    • Massi, Riserva Costasera, Amarone Classico, Amarone della Valpolicella 2009

    • Castelforte, Amarone 2012

The next Vinitaly will be from Thursday 7th to Monday 13th April 2015.