3rd Salon Traminec 2012

Where Traminer Meets Traminer Face to Face

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Negova castle, Slovenia

When: 27. August, 2012

What: Festival of Traminer

The third festival of Traminer from (mostly) Slovenia, Croatia, Austria and France, meet again the expectations of wine lovers, who are fan of this grape variety and also people who are open to get to know more about this special wine. The idea of the event was made by Danilo Steyer, the most recognisable Traminer producer in Slovenia. However, the atmosphere in the castle Negova, where you can smell and feel the heritage spirit is the perfect space for meeting this aromatic wine. Guests were able to taste more than 100 samples, mostly dry and also some of off dry, sweet, sparkling, cuvee and archive wines.


    • Steyer Mark extreme 2006 (Gewurztraminer), dry, 14,5%, Steyer vina, Štajerska Slovenia wine region.

    • Traminec Ilovci 2007, dry, 15%, Krainz vinogradništvo, Štajerska Slovenia wine region

    • Gewurztraminer Grand Cru Sporen 2004, dry, 13,6%, Domaine Mittnacht Klack, Alsace, France

    • Traminer 2011, dry, 13%, Schuster Rudolf, Sudoststeiermark, Austria

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