Teran in Ljubljana 2012

The Main Star of the Event was a Wine called Teran

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Gostilna AS, Ljubljana

When: 12 June 2012

What: Promotion od Teran from consortium KARST growers of Teran

In 2005, 24 winemakers from the Slovenian Karst – KRAS, set “a consortium KARST growers of Teran (KONZORCIJ KRAŠKIH PRIDELOVALCEV TERANA)", with the aim of linking major Karst winemakers, improving the quality of Teran and joint promotion of the Karst in general. Today, after 8 years of operation they are 26 strong. The main star of the event was a wine called Teran. In restaurant AS in center of Ljubljana was presentation of current vintage of Teran. Vintage 2011 is one of the best. All samples of Teran were very consistent, with pleasant acids and full-bodied.


    • Teran PTP 2011, Širca Kodrič

    • Teran PTP 2011, Petelin Rogelja

    • Teran PTP 2011, Darjo Pipan

More about KARST (Kras) & TERAN PTP

Winegrowing Karst belongs to the Coastal Wine Region. Is the smallest wine region (637 ha) of the 4 districts, and lowest in Slovenia. In the Karst have red soil called "terra rossa", caused a thousand-meter limestone basis for millions of years. Karst is a special feature of the climate, mixing sub-Mediterranean climate and winter alpine and continental climate characterized by the impact on wine quality. In the Karst addition we have millennial tradition of cultivating a variety Refosco, who Karst Teran wine producers make wine labeled with PTP (recognized traditional denomination).

We tasted:

Teran PTP 2011 Matej COLJA, Teran PTP 2011 DURCIK- PETELIN, Teran PTP 2007 Edi KANTE, Teran PTP 2011 Boris LISJAK, Teran PTP 2008 Matej LUPINC, Teran PTP 2011 VINARSTVO OREL, Teran PTP 2011 PETELIN- ROGELJA, Teran PTP 2011 Darjo PIPAN, Teran PTP 2011 Marko PUPIS, Teran PTP 2011 VINARSTVO, Teran PTP 2011 Bojan RADIŠIČ, Teran PTP 2011 ŠIRCA - KODRIČ, Teran PTP 2011 Miroslav STOPAR, Teran PTP 2009 Sandi ŠKERK, Teran PTP 2011 Jožef ŠKERLJ, Teran PTP 2011 David ŠTOK, Teran PTP 2011 VINA ŠTOKA, Teran PTP 2011 Milena in Bogdan TAVČAR, Teran PTP 2011 Rikardo VRABEC, Teran PTP 2011 VINAKRAS z.o.o. SEŽANA, Teran PTP 2009 Benjamin ZIDARICH