10th Wine festival - SALON JERUZALEM 2012

10th Anniversary - Something to be Proud Of

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photos)

Where: Dvorec Jeruzalem, Slovenia

When: 8 June 2012

What: 18 wineries from “Prlekija”, Štajerska Slovenija wine region

This year, 10 year anniversary of the wine event called Salon Jeruzalem, dedicated to wine producers in the hills of Jeruzalem Ormož, was focused on tradition. Ten Years ago, when the idea about promotion of the wines from this region was born, organizers planed that their wines will be at the decade more recognizable in other parts in Slovenia & abroad. 18 winemakers represent wines mostly from current vintage - 2011. Part of them follow modern wine making technology, some of them are still following traditional winemaking. So, the wine styles are different. On the event there were 2 workshops. First was about variety Šipon (Furmint), by dr. Mojmir Vondra, in the second David Morrisson talk about wines who were represented. He highlight: brand name Gomila - P&F Jeruzalem Ormoz, Pinot Gris – Kupljen and cuvee Pod Stolpom - Conrad Fürst & Söhne. He also mentioned Vinska klet Miro – that’s why all wine lowers went after talk to taste Miro wines. I would also like to praise a lunch, which was made by Slovenian National Cheefs.

My TOP 3

    • Riesling 2007, 13,5%, Vino Emil Trop

    • Rose 2011, 13,5%, Vinogradništvo Krajnc

    • Šipon (Furmint) 2011, 13%, Verus vinogradi

Winemakers at Salon Jeruzalem 2012:

Turistična kmetija Hlebec, Vinska klet Miro, Vinska klet Puklavec, Vinogradništvo Krampač, P&F Jeruzalem Ljutomer, Vinogradništvo in vinarstvo Kajžar Saško Štampar, Vinska klet Lesjak, P&F Jeruzalem Ormož, Vino Kolarič, Verus Vinogradi, Vinogradništvo družina Kos, Vino Emil Trop, Vino Kupljen, Vinarstvo Čurin Stanko; Conrad Fürst & Söhne, Weingut Gross, Vinogradništvo Krajnc, Vinogradništvo Čurin – Prapotnik, Turistična kmetija Frank – Ozmec.

Next, the 11th Salon Jeruzalem will be on 8. June 2013

More: www.jeruzalem.slovino.com