Guilty Pleasure Blog Salon Sauvignon Ptuj 2015

Salon Sauvignon Arts and Wine Festival 2015, May 16th, Ptuj, Slovenia

by masa vodusek (text and photo)

One small town and 109 tastes of Sauvignon

It is really difficult to believe that the congress hall of the oldest Slovenian town can bare so many tastes of one variety. An unforgettable and amazing atmosphere really added a touch for loosing oneself in the streets of old monastery just in order to taste as much as Sauvignons as possible. Sauvignon has been looked through a glass of so many production styles and so many terroires that it was quite difficult to compare this uniqueness. Not one Sauvignon had the similar aromas or bouquet to another, not two Sauvignons could possibly be having the same palate, not two countries could be able to have similar styles. In this manner one could really detect the note that adds to the weight of The Sauvignon, one and only.

This has been as well proven well by a Master class of Caroline Gilby (MW) who gave a thorough lecture on the “Look at some global Sauvignon styles”. Eight Sauvignons form Hungary, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, New Zealand, Austria and France have thus been positioned next to one another to compare production models and wine makers styles. An interesting glimpse into a varietal really concentrated what could be called a true message in a bottle. Perhaps one could be in the Master class missing a crispy Slovenian Sauvignon that would parade amongst the others, but as Caroline Gilby herself said, she did not wish to expose Slovenian wine makers to be too biased in the country and town which took the place of lecture. Thereof one could around the corners predominately taste more than 64 Slovenian Sauvignons in the presence of wine makers themselves which was yet another privilege of the event.

Sauvignons have well been beautifully encompassed through coterminous culinary paring that has been prepared by seven restaurants. The romantic swing and jazz and has been the highlight of finishing what has been left for our taste buds.

An all encompassing event has created an international expositure that will be the talk of the town for more than a year. And we will expect yet another Salon Sauvignon in this manner in the next year.

Salon Sauvignon in numbers and through countries: 109 Sauvignon wine sampler, 64 established Slovenian wine makers, 10 foreign samples of Sauvignon (Austria, Bulgaria, Chile, France, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, South Africa, Croatia, Hungary, New Zealand, Serbia) presented by Slovenian wine connoisseurs and sommeliers.

Surprised by the tastes of wine varieties my personal amazement:


To choose this time would be to scrutinize those who put their Sauvignons on the stage. Come next year and choose for yourselves.