Guilty Pleasure Blog Label Grand Karakterre Vienna 2016

3rd December 2016, Label Grand Karakterre Vienna 2016, Vienna, Austria

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo) / spela tezak (translation)

First year in Zagreb, second and third in Zagreb and Ljubljana. Last year the festival overgrown those cities and ambiciously moved to Vienna. This, the 5th year in a row again in Vienna, at the Cultural Centre Mumok inside Museumsquarteer complex in the very center of the city. On Saturday, 3rd of December over 70 world-known Winemakers gathered at Label Grand Karakterre 5, which was according to organisers Marko Kovač, Niko Đukan and Primož Štajer, the biggest organic and biodynamic wines in Central and Eastern Europe. Wineries from Austria, Croatia, Czechia, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Slovenia and for the first time – from Australia and USA. Slovenian ambassadors: Atimo, Janko Štekar, Jure Štekar, Nando, Reia, Korenika & Moškon, Rojac, Klabjan, Božidar Zorjan, Šumenjak, Aci Urbajs, Guerrilla and Burja Estate.

We have participated in all five events and can say that the festival is growing. By the size, but most importantly, it is growing by the quality. Before it was dominated by the faults, deceases and uncleanness, for the last two years Winemakers with tradition of making organic and biodynamic wines long several generations are taking part. Educated Vintners, those who do not sell the “tales”, have impressed the doubters. But prejudices aside, they could be injustice with no reason. We would like to highlight the Winemakers, who thrilled us with the precise varietal clean wines: Chateau Le Puy from Bordeaux, Domaine Guillot – Broux from Burgundy, Gut Oggau from Austria, Milan Nestarec from Czechia, Okro Wines from Georgia and Terlant from Champagne.


    • Mtsvane 2014, dry, 12.5%, Okros Wines, Georgia

    • Champagne BAM brut nature (Arbanne, Meslier), Tarlant, Oeully France

    • Chardonnay Les Perrieres 2015, dry, 12.7%, Maconnais Burgundy, France

    • Antika Tramin 2015, dry, 14%, Milan Nestarec, Moravsky Žižkov, Czech Republic