Pubec 2016

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo) / spela tezak (translation)

Where: Maribor, Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 3, 4 November 2016

What: Pubec - Young Wine from Štajerska Slovenia

Pubec – Young wine from Štajerska Slovenia in Ljubljana and Maribor

Winelovers, especially open minded, those who do not beleive in steriotypes about Štajerska, know from various tastings that colder eastern corner of Slovenia is perfect for white and fresh but also matured wines. In wine cellars the generations have had juvenated. Wines from Štajerska are fine. Last year the premiere edition of Pubec kicked-off in Maribor. This season the presentation of young wines happened in the Capital of Štajerska, and the following day, November 4, also in Ljubljana at the Salon Audi, Porsche. 36 Winemakers who participated both events have produced 50 thousand bottles of young wine. Borut Cvetko, founder of Pubec says: »This event is a notable story of successful networking and connecting for higher visibility and economic growth of Slovenian Winemakers, tourist destinations and stakeholders.« Cvetko is also co-organiser of Salon Traminec, which is held in Negova Castle last week of August. But what were the wines of Pubec like? Fresh, aromatic, light. Ranina of Stayer, which in own name, translated from Slovenian, suggests that is best for enjoyment when still young. Other varieties: Muscats, Ottonel and Yellow, also Pinot Blancs, Furmints, very interesting Welsh Rieslings and Sauvignons. Especially those with gentle bouquet after early harvest.