Wine Jam Zagreb 2013

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Hole in one GastroPub, Zagreb, Croatia

When: 12 October 2013

What: Urban Wine Culture Festival

Wine Jam is a brand name for Urban Wine Culture Festival. It was »born« in Belgrade, now its goal is to expand abroad. For the first time, and of course not the last, it was presented in Zagreb with Croatian and Serbian Wineries both also with autochtonous varieties. In the plan is also Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Imagine: in the place like restaurant or pub or even cultural place wineries representing their wines. Face to face: winemaker to guest. A treat for wine lovers.


    • Malvazija 2011, dry, 13.4%, Rossi, Istria, Croatia (Feels a mature wineyard)

    • Sofija Tamjanika 2011, dry, 12.5%, Braća Rajković, Aleksandrovac, Serbia (Well balanced)

    • Debit Lučica Riserva 2008, dry, 13%, Dalmacija, Croatia (Striking)

Winemakers at WINE JAM

Croatia: Trapan, Roxanich, Galic, Bibich, Adzic, Rossi

Serbia: Vino Budimir , Radovanovic, Janko, Mačkov podrum, Vinarija Braća Rajković, Vinarija Milosavljević, Vinarija Ivanović, Vinarija Tonković, Podrum Čokot