Full Moon Party Portorož 2014


    • Ribolla Gialla 2013, dry, 13.5%, Marco Felluga, Friuli, Italy

    • Penina Zemono Rose 2012 (sparkling), dry, 12.5%, for Tomaž Kavčič Klet Goriška Brda, Slovenia

    • Malvazija 2013, dry, 12%, Montis, Slovenska Istra, Slovenia

Fresh Wind, Food and Wine Took Care of the Exciting Atmosphere

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Meduza Exclusive Beach, Portorož, Slovenia

When: June, 2014

What: Wine and Food Party at the Beach

Full Moon party is every year in June or July takes place at the full moon on the beautiful beach Meduza Exclusive in the heart of Portorož. This year they attract a lot of visitors who came to the Adriatic Sea to relax with superior served fresh food, refreshing drinks and selected wines. This year, I was very pleasantly surprised on details of which are set up another event to the next level. Very friendly Indian and Thai women in Asian clothing offered guests a wet cotton towel that you can freshen and clean hands. From the trees hung exciting fixtures made from wine bottles.

The waiters were very inconspicuously carried away cutlery used by the guest lounge chairs left. Even the weather was very nice (summer 2014 was unfortunately rainy). The full moon in the clear sky has strutting above sea level. Fresh wind took care of the exciting atmosphere. This year's event was even more special, because the best Slovenian chefs who are part of the presentation Slovenian guide Jeunes Restaurateurs d'Europe (JRE) offered selected dishes. Jure Tomic, President JRE (Ošterija fat man, Brežice); Tomaz Kavcic (Pri Lojzetu, Zemono); Gasper Carman (Pri Danilo, Reteče); Ana Ros Valter Kramar (House Franko, Kobarid Selo); Tanja and Damir Pintarič (Restaurant Reich, Bakovci); Tadej Gašparin (Restaurant Pikol, Nova Gorica); Ksenija and Martin Mahorčič (Restaurant Mahorčič, Rodik) are fascinated and somehow placed in the shadow of visiting winemakers, who were, at least at first glance, to a lesser extent than in previous years (I admit, I did not count!). Ronchi Ro, Tenuta Tomaselli, Livon, Eko Laura, Vinakoper, Marjan Simčič, Movia, Villa Russiz, Le Vigne di Zamo, Pier Martellozzo, defended the vine flag.

And another novelty I was very pleasantly surprised - this year, Thai and Indian massage pavilion strengthened with a total of four masseurs. Thus, it came to the type of all those who have this night the full moon wish for a relaxing massage. For all of the visitors who pay in advance entrance fee was 80 EUR and on the day of the event entrance fee was 100 EUR.