Svečina Spring Festival 2011

SVEČINA - An Excellent Start to the Season (Wine Tasting, Tourist and more)

by milan stojicevic (text & photos)

Where: Svečina, Slovenia

When: 19th March, 2011

What: Svečina Spring Festival 2011

This is an excellent every spring event. There was 18 winemakers, all presenting their wines directly from wine cellars. Weather was sunny and warm, so we all enjoyed fresh wines at the lovelies atmosphere possible. Although there are some rumours that some people finished with all 18 posts checked, for our team 8 was more than enough.


    • Leber: Rumeni Muškat 2009

    • Vino Kušter: Muškat otonel 2010

    • Gaube: Kerner 2010