Unforgettable Dinner with Wine Magazine Vino - Goriška Brda 2012

by stasa cafuta trcek (text & photo)

Where: Dobrovo, Goriška Brda, Slovenia

When: 5. October 2012

What: Unforgettable evening hosted by wine magazine Vino at winery Vinska klet Goriška Brda – Japanese culinary accompaniment

Revija Vino is a Slovene Magazine for wine lovers, culinary arts and other delights.

The magazine which is published four times a year, organize wine & food pairing dinners every time at different winery or restaurant. This time the event was held in winery Vinska klet Goriška Brda, which is located in the heart of Brda, Wine region Primorska. Wines from the winery were served with Japanese food. The main goal of the socializing, is not only to raise the culture of wine drinking, but also to get to know more about deeper understanding of winegrower philosophy of wine production. However, the event at Goriška Brda Winery achieved the purpose and for me the pick of the event was to taste “Motnik” – vinification under the old method.

p.s. “Motnik” (unclear color) - wines are poured for the first time in the early spring. Wine barrels are disinfected with cold smoke, made by herbs such as rosemary, bay leaves & sage. Motnik is not on the market.


    • Quercus Pinot grigio (sivi pinot) 2011, 13.5%

    • Quercus Pinot noir (modri pinot) 2009, 12.5%

    • Motnik Malvazija 2010, 12.5%

We tasted:

    • Quercus Rose 2011, 12.5%

    • Krasno Belo 2011, 13%

    • Quercus Pinot Grigio (sivi pinot) 2011, 13.5%

    • Quercus (beli pinot) 2011, 13.5%

    • Bagueri Pinot Grigio (sivi pinot) 2008, 13.5%

    • Bagueri Chardonnay 2008, 14%

    • Quercus Sauvignon 2011, 13.5%

    • Quercus Sauvignonasse 2011, 13.5%

    • Quercus Rebula 2011, 12.5%

    • Motnik Malvazija 2010, 12.5%

    • Motnik Rebula 2010, 12.5%

    • Direktor Rebula 2010, 12.5%

    • Motnik Rebula 2011, 12.5%

    • Lumiere 2010 (sparkling wine), 11%, Japan